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class sklearn_evaluation.NotebookCollection(paths, ids=None, scores=False)#

Compare output from a collection of notebooks

To access output, notebooks must tag the cells (one tag per cell). For instructions on tagging cells, see this

Click here to see the user guide.

  • paths (list) – Paths to notebooks to load

  • ids (list or 'filenames', default=None) – List of ids (one per notebook), if None, paths are used as identifiers, if ‘filenames’, the file name is extracted from each path and used as identifier (ignores extension)


class sklearn_evaluation.NotebookIntrospector(path, literal_eval=True, to_df=False)#

Retrieve output from a notebook file with tagged cells.

For instructions on tagging cells, see this.


Ignores untagged cells, if a cell has more than one tag, it uses the first one as identifier. If a cell has more than one output, it uses the last one and discards the rest.